6:21 PM

I haven't posted anything in a long time. Which is really my fault, but it started with my family reunion then I went on a trip, so just a few days ago realized why sit in front of the computer and looking at Youtube videos when I could be blogging. I been looking at ways to make some money online, now I tried some online videos but those didn't do any good so I'm going to have to put up some advertising and maybe a donation box.

Oh, I do have a theme that I created but I can't get it to work with blogger. Well I shouldn't say can't because I didn't put my best effort into it. It's a shame though I worked hard on creating that theme/layout. I might try to get the layout to work, again, or I might just make a new one.

Anyway I'm back and I'll try to post something at minimum every couple days. I would of said a "few" days but I found out recently that "few" really means eight.

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