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This is my lastest comic, I traced over a Mac screenshot. I think it could've been funnier, but I couldn't really think of anything else to put in the error boxes. The caption reads "Mac OS Run Windows Style". So if you can come up some funnier text post it in the comments please.

As the title says, I'm now doing a free link exchange. Which means, I'll link to you, you link to me. Email me a link to your site then I'll review it and hopefully approve it. Please have the link to my blog already on your site before you send your email to me.

The only standards I have are, no adult content, no ecommerce sites or sites only focused making money. Having content that is somewhat related to mine would help your chances of being approved.

In the email you need to have the link to your site, your name and the subject "Link Exchange". Remember I'm looking at content not your ranking. I will put your link in my blogroll. So send it to my email. I will get back to you in one or two days.

This is a drawing of my lastest cartoon character, the doctor. Also, I drew over him in flash, as you can see. I remember now why I switched to taking pictures of my drawings instead of scanning them; my scanner sucks and is slow, plus it picks up erased pencil marks that aren't even visible to the human eye, but I couldn't find my camera so I had to do what i had to do, which was get the drawing on the computer. Anyway enjoy.

Well,over one hundred views in one day, that's good news isn't it. I was surprised to find out that it wasn't all from entrecard, which was what gave me the most traffic, but a large portion was from the blogger navbar, which is usually up on top of most blogs, which I don't display, I wonder if that violates any TOS agreements.

I realise that one hundred views is not a lot. In fact, it's a very small portion of views that some of the bigger blogs get on daily basis. However, my goal right now is to reach one thousand views and after that five hundred views in one day.

The strange thing is, my blog has an average time spent on the site of about two minutes, but the bounce rate is about eighty percent. So please stick around longer on the site, and for the one or two people that are throwing off the average, keep it up.

I had something else to say but I forget it, not to worry if I remeber I'll post it tomorrow, it's getting late.

The winner chosen cartoon character of the five unqiue cartoon characters semi contest is...well actually, I don't know yet because no one comments, it's actually that and the fact that I'm impatient, but I wouldn't be imaptient if a least one person commented on that post. Now I realise my blog is new and not everyone likes to comment, so I'm not mad, but...I'm giving this contest until Saturday of this week, Saturday will be the 30th of August. I actually didn't set a limit on the first post, so sorry about that. So click that link up there and go choose your favourite of my cartoon characters.

Oh yeah, I also have a new video tutorial on how to draw a cartoon in the works that I'll realease on a later date, so you're going to have to suscribe to my blog to not miss it.

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This is my silhouette, it's from a picture that was taken right after I fell off of a pair of stilts. That's right I can walk on stilts, which are friends. We made the stilts out of some spare wood, but we couldn't find a sander so put hocket tape down the length of the grips. I think the stilts were about two feet high. Anyway, enjoy the iPod-like silhouette.

My Silhouette

Anyone else annoyed by the new Blogger post editor, because I am. The font size never stays consistent with the rest of your blog and if you switch to HTML mode it's always cluttered with empty or unnecessary div and span tags. I think blogger knows about the small or inconsistent text sizes, so I'm waiting on them to fix that, my temporary fix is to just place everything in paragraph tags. The cluttered HTML is really getting on my nerves though. When I want add alt tags to an image it takes like five minutes to locate the an img tag, the five minutes wasted.

Speaking of wasting time, I always end up publishing my post then finding out my text is too small so then I try to fix it but can't make heads or tails of where a whole paragraph is, so then I republish it when I think I've found the problem, but then it wasn't really the problem, so I go back and repeat two or three more times until I finally get it.

So I'm going to ask a question in this post, how has the new blogger editor slowing you down? Please answer in the comments. Just look at the font size difference between the first and second images and the images are from the same post (you have to click the pictures to tell).

Well, I am working on a new layout template for my blog because I don't like the fact the other people could have the same looking page as me, so my blog won't look distinct or creative. So unlike last time where I designed a whole new blog from scratch on my computer then trying to upload it ( which failed horribly ) I've decided to take a premade template and customize the heck out of it. That's where the test page comes in, I'm using it to test everything and making sure everything looks fine in IE nd Firefox.

You can see this page at http://david-someblog.blogspot.com/ it's not to elaborate right now but you'll see it change until I finally have it ready for this blog and for download, that's right you'll be able to use my template with blogger, but the download version will have a different colour scheme, so once again I don't end up with another blog looking just like mine.

If you like it please leave a comment on my blog (the one your reading right now) and not the test page, I won't check the comments or respond if they're on the test page. I would like to thank JackBook.com for my template now, but I'm not going to use it much longer.

What A Bald Guy Told Me About TechnologyWhile I was doing my daily dropping ( for entrecard that is ) I came across a site caled "What a Bald Guy Told Me About Technology" and he had a little banner on the sidethat said "Fix My Blog". I decided to take up his offer. Obviously his site needed some help, he had three columns and they were not center, so it looked horrible rough. There were only two things he asked, fix the columns and help him embed the new blogger comments form. Well Mr. Bald Guy I have your solution. First, for the comment form you need to switch to the new draft blogger mode and do what they say at Blogger In Draft, then follow the link to Blogger Buster and use Blogger Buster's second technique, but remember that only works if you turn on the embedded comment form in blogger draft mode. For the tricky next part, your column problem isn't the HTML it's the CSS (well it could be solved in HTML but that would be harder). What you need to do is go to the Layout tab then Edit HTML then look for "sidebar-wrapper" and change it's width setting to "200px", (hit "control f" keys to do this faster) then look for "outer-wrapper" and set it's width to "950px". Now, if you can't get any of this to work download your template and send/email it to me at david_murphy55@hotmail.com, then I'll do it for you and then send it back, but you should be able to do this by yourself. Thanks for the opportunity. Oh, and for everyone else you can join his contest at his site if you think you can do better.

Well as the title says, I just signed up with Technorati. Now normally, it wouldn't be a big deal but, as anyone who has used technorati before would know, there are two ways to verify claim your blog. The first being the "Quick Claim" where you just enter the username a password for your blog, or the second way "Post Claim" where you place a link in your post. So figured I might make a post out of it.

That's all I have to say folks. So yeah.

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