Well, I am working on a new layout template for my blog because I don't like the fact the other people could have the same looking page as me, so my blog won't look distinct or creative. So unlike last time where I designed a whole new blog from scratch on my computer then trying to upload it ( which failed horribly ) I've decided to take a premade template and customize the heck out of it. That's where the test page comes in, I'm using it to test everything and making sure everything looks fine in IE nd Firefox.

You can see this page at http://david-someblog.blogspot.com/ it's not to elaborate right now but you'll see it change until I finally have it ready for this blog and for download, that's right you'll be able to use my template with blogger, but the download version will have a different colour scheme, so once again I don't end up with another blog looking just like mine.

If you like it please leave a comment on my blog (the one your reading right now) and not the test page, I won't check the comments or respond if they're on the test page. I would like to thank JackBook.com for my template now, but I'm not going to use it much longer.

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