Anyone else annoyed by the new Blogger post editor, because I am. The font size never stays consistent with the rest of your blog and if you switch to HTML mode it's always cluttered with empty or unnecessary div and span tags. I think blogger knows about the small or inconsistent text sizes, so I'm waiting on them to fix that, my temporary fix is to just place everything in paragraph tags. The cluttered HTML is really getting on my nerves though. When I want add alt tags to an image it takes like five minutes to locate the an img tag, the five minutes wasted.

Speaking of wasting time, I always end up publishing my post then finding out my text is too small so then I try to fix it but can't make heads or tails of where a whole paragraph is, so then I republish it when I think I've found the problem, but then it wasn't really the problem, so I go back and repeat two or three more times until I finally get it.

So I'm going to ask a question in this post, how has the new blogger editor slowing you down? Please answer in the comments. Just look at the font size difference between the first and second images and the images are from the same post (you have to click the pictures to tell).

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