Well I fiinshed the back to school icons. So wait no longer, here they are. All except for the scissors. Anyway, you can use these images in any non-commercial or commercial projects you want, but you may not sell or redistribute these images in any way. So if you want to recommend these to a friend please send him/her the link to my site or this page and not the files themselves. I would also like to here some feedback on these icons. To download them click this link --->Download <---  and don't worry there are no viruses.

Back To School Icons

Since it's back to school time I've decided to make a back to school icon pack which will consist of; a milk carton, a lunch tray, a laptop, a desktop computer, a stack of books, a pair of scissors, a bookbag, a paper lunch bag, a sandwich, a desk, an office chair and a soft drink cup. I have an example for you right here. This icon pack will be available for download within the next two days. All the images will be roughly in the 300 by 300 pixel range.

For those of you who were wondering, my template will be available for download as soon as I figure out how to fix my comment form problem. I'm not goning to put it up for download until I fix that, it's really bugging me.

This is simple the embedded version of the cartoon graduate video. So if you don't like video sites, watch my video here, enjoy. Also I'm still working on fixing my template for IE7 and probably 6, it displays fine in firefox, except for the fact that there is a scroll bar underneath the comment box, but I think that happens in alot of templates. So if you have a lot of viewers/readers that use firefox, I'll have my template up tomorrow. In the mean time I'll be working on the problems in IE.

Alright this will be a short post I guess. The video of me drawing the cartoon graduate is on metacafe right now but it's still being processed, so you can watch probably an hour or so from now, I'll embed the video in a post tomorrow. I'm also uploading it to revver as I right this so I'm going to post the metacafe link and the revver link when it's done. So enjoy my cartoon drawing video.

Metacafe: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1704140/how_to_draw_a_cartoon_graduate/
Revver: http://revver.com/video/1151023/how-to-draw-a-cartoon-graduate/

Well, seeing as today is the first day a school (in Canada anyway) I thought this little guy would be quite approriate. I made a video of how to draw him in flash which I will post tomorrow. Tgis is the exact same version of the character that I mad in the video. Any comments on this character, you know where to voice them. You know, after looking at this character for a while realised that he's kind of crooked, don't you think.

I know I said I would have my blog template ready for download today, but there is still a problem with the embedded comment form. You can see it any of the posts that have comments, the text box get's pushed up to the right and just looks bad, I can't give you a template like that, also if anyone knows how to fix this problem please put it in the comments or email me. I'm not so sure how long it's going to take for me to fix this comment form problem. So it wouldn't hurt to check back regularly or subscribe.

This is something that I've been working on for about a week. I know I've said that I've been working on it before (like a month ago) but that was a tragic failure. I just made a farily simple design, one that I change easily. This will be available for download sometime tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the first day of school.

Anyway, I like the fact that I can change this template at moments notice, which is a good thing because it needs to be a little wider, maybe 900 pixels wide. I also didn't use any images except for the on in the header, which won't be in the downloadable version. I'm using the whole easily customizable thing as a selling point, even though it's free, because you finally will be able to a template that looks distinguished.

The download will come with complete instructions on how customize the main parts of the blog, which will mainly be colors, like the background. I'm going to have to come up with a name for this template too, so if you can think of one, post it in the comments and if I like it enough to use it, your version of the template will come with a custom header just for you. So leave your email too, so I can contact you if I choose your template name. Well, that's about it and I have to get to bed, it's a school night.

2:03 PM

This is my lastest comic, I traced over a Mac screenshot. I think it could've been funnier, but I couldn't really think of anything else to put in the error boxes. The caption reads "Mac OS Run Windows Style". So if you can come up some funnier text post it in the comments please.

As the title says, I'm now doing a free link exchange. Which means, I'll link to you, you link to me. Email me a link to your site then I'll review it and hopefully approve it. Please have the link to my blog already on your site before you send your email to me.

The only standards I have are, no adult content, no ecommerce sites or sites only focused making money. Having content that is somewhat related to mine would help your chances of being approved.

In the email you need to have the link to your site, your name and the subject "Link Exchange". Remember I'm looking at content not your ranking. I will put your link in my blogroll. So send it to my email. I will get back to you in one or two days.

This is a drawing of my lastest cartoon character, the doctor. Also, I drew over him in flash, as you can see. I remember now why I switched to taking pictures of my drawings instead of scanning them; my scanner sucks and is slow, plus it picks up erased pencil marks that aren't even visible to the human eye, but I couldn't find my camera so I had to do what i had to do, which was get the drawing on the computer. Anyway enjoy.

Well,over one hundred views in one day, that's good news isn't it. I was surprised to find out that it wasn't all from entrecard, which was what gave me the most traffic, but a large portion was from the blogger navbar, which is usually up on top of most blogs, which I don't display, I wonder if that violates any TOS agreements.

I realise that one hundred views is not a lot. In fact, it's a very small portion of views that some of the bigger blogs get on daily basis. However, my goal right now is to reach one thousand views and after that five hundred views in one day.

The strange thing is, my blog has an average time spent on the site of about two minutes, but the bounce rate is about eighty percent. So please stick around longer on the site, and for the one or two people that are throwing off the average, keep it up.

I had something else to say but I forget it, not to worry if I remeber I'll post it tomorrow, it's getting late.

The winner chosen cartoon character of the five unqiue cartoon characters semi contest is...well actually, I don't know yet because no one comments, it's actually that and the fact that I'm impatient, but I wouldn't be imaptient if a least one person commented on that post. Now I realise my blog is new and not everyone likes to comment, so I'm not mad, but...I'm giving this contest until Saturday of this week, Saturday will be the 30th of August. I actually didn't set a limit on the first post, so sorry about that. So click that link up there and go choose your favourite of my cartoon characters.

Oh yeah, I also have a new video tutorial on how to draw a cartoon in the works that I'll realease on a later date, so you're going to have to suscribe to my blog to not miss it.

11:28 PM

This is my silhouette, it's from a picture that was taken right after I fell off of a pair of stilts. That's right I can walk on stilts, which are friends. We made the stilts out of some spare wood, but we couldn't find a sander so put hocket tape down the length of the grips. I think the stilts were about two feet high. Anyway, enjoy the iPod-like silhouette.

My Silhouette

Anyone else annoyed by the new Blogger post editor, because I am. The font size never stays consistent with the rest of your blog and if you switch to HTML mode it's always cluttered with empty or unnecessary div and span tags. I think blogger knows about the small or inconsistent text sizes, so I'm waiting on them to fix that, my temporary fix is to just place everything in paragraph tags. The cluttered HTML is really getting on my nerves though. When I want add alt tags to an image it takes like five minutes to locate the an img tag, the five minutes wasted.

Speaking of wasting time, I always end up publishing my post then finding out my text is too small so then I try to fix it but can't make heads or tails of where a whole paragraph is, so then I republish it when I think I've found the problem, but then it wasn't really the problem, so I go back and repeat two or three more times until I finally get it.

So I'm going to ask a question in this post, how has the new blogger editor slowing you down? Please answer in the comments. Just look at the font size difference between the first and second images and the images are from the same post (you have to click the pictures to tell).

Well, I am working on a new layout template for my blog because I don't like the fact the other people could have the same looking page as me, so my blog won't look distinct or creative. So unlike last time where I designed a whole new blog from scratch on my computer then trying to upload it ( which failed horribly ) I've decided to take a premade template and customize the heck out of it. That's where the test page comes in, I'm using it to test everything and making sure everything looks fine in IE nd Firefox.

You can see this page at http://david-someblog.blogspot.com/ it's not to elaborate right now but you'll see it change until I finally have it ready for this blog and for download, that's right you'll be able to use my template with blogger, but the download version will have a different colour scheme, so once again I don't end up with another blog looking just like mine.

If you like it please leave a comment on my blog (the one your reading right now) and not the test page, I won't check the comments or respond if they're on the test page. I would like to thank JackBook.com for my template now, but I'm not going to use it much longer.

What A Bald Guy Told Me About TechnologyWhile I was doing my daily dropping ( for entrecard that is ) I came across a site caled "What a Bald Guy Told Me About Technology" and he had a little banner on the sidethat said "Fix My Blog". I decided to take up his offer. Obviously his site needed some help, he had three columns and they were not center, so it looked horrible rough. There were only two things he asked, fix the columns and help him embed the new blogger comments form. Well Mr. Bald Guy I have your solution. First, for the comment form you need to switch to the new draft blogger mode and do what they say at Blogger In Draft, then follow the link to Blogger Buster and use Blogger Buster's second technique, but remember that only works if you turn on the embedded comment form in blogger draft mode. For the tricky next part, your column problem isn't the HTML it's the CSS (well it could be solved in HTML but that would be harder). What you need to do is go to the Layout tab then Edit HTML then look for "sidebar-wrapper" and change it's width setting to "200px", (hit "control f" keys to do this faster) then look for "outer-wrapper" and set it's width to "950px". Now, if you can't get any of this to work download your template and send/email it to me at david_murphy55@hotmail.com, then I'll do it for you and then send it back, but you should be able to do this by yourself. Thanks for the opportunity. Oh, and for everyone else you can join his contest at his site if you think you can do better.

Well as the title says, I just signed up with Technorati. Now normally, it wouldn't be a big deal but, as anyone who has used technorati before would know, there are two ways to verify claim your blog. The first being the "Quick Claim" where you just enter the username a password for your blog, or the second way "Post Claim" where you place a link in your post. So figured I might make a post out of it.

That's all I have to say folks. So yeah.

As the title says, these are five unique cartoon characters that I drew last night. I actually drew more but these are the most awsomest best five unique cartoon characters. Anyway I want you guys to pick your favourite character by commenting. If you are on of the people who picked the winning unique character then I'll send you (you meaning, everyone that picked the winning character) a giant desktop sized version of the winning cartoon character. If there are any questions feel free to post it in the comments. The pictures are numdered top to bottom, so the top cartoons character is number 1 and the bottom cartoon is number 5, use these numbers to identify them in your comments Don't Forget To Leave Your Name And Email In The Comment.

Wacky Character

Small Cute Character
Neck Tied Character

Cartoon Guy With Glasses fd=
Cartoon Shaved Guy


I feel kinda stupid now, because I was thinking should these cartoon characters have all the same height or width? Well I went with height thinking "I'll just put them side by side and they'll look fine". Well I was wrong the Blogger editor won't let me place these cartoons side by side. So now I'm thinking I should have lined up the width.

One more bonus for reading this far: If you leave your website or blog URL in your comment I'll visit it and leave a related comment there (you'll know if I left the comment, I hope).

These are my favourite web comics and I thought I'd share them with you. Thier all funny and I could guarantee a laugh out of all of them, but I won't for legal purposes and all (that was a joke). Anyway enjoy.

1. Blaugh.com
This Web Comic is the work of Brad Fitzpatrick though I don't know him, his comics are hilarious. It doesn't look like he has posted any comics recently, but he has a personnel blog/site at http://www.bradfitzpatrick.com/weblog/. He updates that site every once in a while, sometimes with new comics.

You Ready For Windows Vista?

2. Explosm.net
This web comic here is known as Cyanide and Happiness. It's also very funny but not related to blogging or anything like that. They have several artists and I really don't know that much about them.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

3. BlogComics.net
I was buzzin around the web today and I came across a site called Blogcomics.net. Anyway this guy doesn't have that many comics (maybe 25?), so it doesn't look like he or she is going to make anymore. The artist for all the comics is Karlo Licudine he's the blogger behind http://www.pinoyblogero.com/.

Learning From Wikipedia

This is my sketch of a cartoon pirate. I couldn't exactly find a pirate looking hat for him but whatever it's a cartoon. I might do a little pirate series, like some more pirate characters or a pirate ship, maybe even a parrot. Some could even be tutorials. I'm not sure if I'll do a pirate series yet. Drawing him was kinda fun, a got the idea of drawing a cartoon pirate from the spoon graphics blog, except I was trying to go for more of a scary or vicious looking kind guy. So yeah, please comment.

(the hat looks like it would be more suitable for a cowboy)

Well last night as I went to take a picture of my lastest sketch the LCD on my camera went all fuzzy. That kinda threw me off, then I thought why not look through the optical lens thing(whatever it's called). Well I was wrong, even though I could see through that piece clearly the camera was actually taking pictures of what was on my display.
Camera Canon PowerShot A75
Then this morning I woke up, went to my camera, prayed then turned it on. I was standing there amazed because my camera was working fine. I went searching on the internet for why the screen went fuzzy and how to fix it, but i couldn't find any straight answers. My camera's a three year old Canonn PowerShot A75. I'm still however trying to find out how it broke.

Anyway, I'll have my new character up later today.

6:47 PM

Well I've decided to go with Adtoll as the guys who are going to advertise on my blog. So the reffering link is right here. For those of you who have a blog and want some advertising on it, maybe you could help me out by clicking that link.

This is the drawing that I drew in the post just before this one. He's a cartoon teenager, with long hair over his eyes and a big nose. A very easy character to draw, and you even get a nice shadow of me.

This is my first video tutorial. This video shows how to draw a basic character then later how to trace over and colour it on the computer.

Remeber to always draw the basic shapes of the character first. That makes drawing easier if you have a more complex character.

I half amazed and half disappointed in my self when I found out today that I could just sit around or in front out the computer and not get anything accomplished that I set out to do. I did however manage to do a few tweaks to my blog.

I'm also trying to figure out how to position a camera over a sheet of paper that I'd be drawing on. If anyone has any ideas on how to do that it would be greatly appreciated.

This is my newest character that I've drawn I plan to digitize him soon enough. Parts of him are drawn over with pen only because they weren't showing up on camera. He's a real class act though isn't he, patches and holes in/on his clothes, even a big toe sticking out of his shoe. Plus the poor fella hasn't shaved in days. I shot this with my camera so he looks a little distorted.

If anyone is reading this at all please comment, any recognition would be nice. I'm going to have to get my blog around some more places.

6:21 PM

I haven't posted anything in a long time. Which is really my fault, but it started with my family reunion then I went on a trip, so just a few days ago realized why sit in front of the computer and looking at Youtube videos when I could be blogging. I been looking at ways to make some money online, now I tried some online videos but those didn't do any good so I'm going to have to put up some advertising and maybe a donation box.

Oh, I do have a theme that I created but I can't get it to work with blogger. Well I shouldn't say can't because I didn't put my best effort into it. It's a shame though I worked hard on creating that theme/layout. I might try to get the layout to work, again, or I might just make a new one.

Anyway I'm back and I'll try to post something at minimum every couple days. I would of said a "few" days but I found out recently that "few" really means eight.

Well, sorry the new blog design won't be ready tonight. I've almost finished it but I'm running into problems with the CSS. I can't get a the image that suppose to go behind the posts to display properly. I could upload it for download now, but if I'm not happy with the template you probably wouldn't be either. Right now I have no idea when my next comic/tutorial/character post will be.

This post is about how I make money on the side, and guess what, it's not from blogging or anything online. I mow lawns. That's it. I make an extra 800 dollars a month. I can't say it's easy but mowing definitely gets easier with practice.

I got started with my 10 year old push lawn boy brand lawn mower (Tip: Lawn Boy, Toro, Honda ,and John Deere are about the best lawn mower brands you can get). Anyway, I soon realized that if I was going to mow 10 lawns a week I was going to need a self-propelled lawn mower. I'm by far no expert on this but you should probably pay $300-$400 on a decent non-commercial lawn mower. Do NOT buy a cheap one. Remember, non-commercial lawn mowers are made for non-commercial use, which means if you mow your lawn an average of ten times a summer (ten times is probably bare minimum) that equals one year of use, but if you mow ten lawns ten times a summer that's one hundred mows or 10 years of use. So buy a fairly good quality lawn mower. Another good fact to know is if you use a non-commercial lawn mower commercially it makes the warranty invalid because of the extra wear on the mower.

Next, think about how many lawns you want and what you want to charge. I have ten lawns and charge between 20-25 dollars a lawn, depending on the size and difficulty. Most people that don't want to mow their lawn are happy to pay that price because professionals can cost up to $60 per mow on an average lawn. I takes me about a half an hour to mow a lawn. So, I mow three lawns a day except one day I mow four. Test how long it takes you to mow a lawn. If it's any more than an hour don't take on as many lawns or maybe you will want to hire help.

Most of my costumers are un-married woman or woman with lazy husbands. I didn't particularly target that audience, I put up flyer's when I first started, but now I know that they're probably the people you want to work for. There are many ways that you can attract business. You can use flyer's, the paper, or word of mouth (it means let people spread the news).
I often have to turn down offers to mow unless the lawns are small-ish and really flat with no trees or bushes in the yard, these are the best lawns.

The last thing is get a leaf blower and a whipper snipper. The costumers like it when their lawn looks clean an trimmed. Which reminds me practice at making straight lines with your mower they don't have to be baseball field quality but they have to look straight. Also, try not o get behind on your mows, nothing makes it look worse than when it's cut after being almost a foot tall. This is just how I make my extra money, I am certainly not an expert but I thought I would let you know my tips. You will get back any money you put into it. You should also look up lawn mowing tips, because this is not really a lawn mowing guide. Thanks for reading, I know this was off topic but who cares.

4:50 PM

I am making a new Design for my blog here. Why? Well it's because all of these other templates and design just don't feel personalized enough. I also don't like the fact that 1 000 (or more) other bloggers out there could have the exact same design as me. Once I get my new design/template finished I will upload for you to download. Of course I will have to change a couple of things.

This new task of mine is the reason I have not posted for the last two days. So, I would just like to say, go Celtics for beating the Lakers in the first game of the series. Anyway, Back to that template. I might have it in multiple colours (I know there's a "u" in the word color, that's how we spell it in Canada, eh) and with different headers, but that is no promise. I will try to have the first version available for download by the end of the weekend. I am however running into trouble finding a permanent and free image host that doesn't watermark the images. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the feddback (if there is any, I think I've only had .

9:32 PM

This is a washed up clown begging on the side of the street. I got the idea for the character from a video on youtube. Unfortunately that video was posted multiple times by multiple users, so I can not give credit, sorry to whoever created this character.

I do not have a comic ready today because I'm at a friend's house and I'm currently using his laptop. I won't have the time when I get home because of English assignments. I'm thinking soon that I might do a video tutorial for one of my characters. I will probably have that comic up tomorrow.

9:15 PM

This is a mario comic that I did yesterday for the fun of it. Please leave a comment or anything if you want to point something out. The blog at this point is still going through changes because it is still fairly new.

5:18 AM

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