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I am making a new Design for my blog here. Why? Well it's because all of these other templates and design just don't feel personalized enough. I also don't like the fact that 1 000 (or more) other bloggers out there could have the exact same design as me. Once I get my new design/template finished I will upload for you to download. Of course I will have to change a couple of things.

This new task of mine is the reason I have not posted for the last two days. So, I would just like to say, go Celtics for beating the Lakers in the first game of the series. Anyway, Back to that template. I might have it in multiple colours (I know there's a "u" in the word color, that's how we spell it in Canada, eh) and with different headers, but that is no promise. I will try to have the first version available for download by the end of the weekend. I am however running into trouble finding a permanent and free image host that doesn't watermark the images. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the feddback (if there is any, I think I've only had .

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