This post is about how I make money on the side, and guess what, it's not from blogging or anything online. I mow lawns. That's it. I make an extra 800 dollars a month. I can't say it's easy but mowing definitely gets easier with practice.

I got started with my 10 year old push lawn boy brand lawn mower (Tip: Lawn Boy, Toro, Honda ,and John Deere are about the best lawn mower brands you can get). Anyway, I soon realized that if I was going to mow 10 lawns a week I was going to need a self-propelled lawn mower. I'm by far no expert on this but you should probably pay $300-$400 on a decent non-commercial lawn mower. Do NOT buy a cheap one. Remember, non-commercial lawn mowers are made for non-commercial use, which means if you mow your lawn an average of ten times a summer (ten times is probably bare minimum) that equals one year of use, but if you mow ten lawns ten times a summer that's one hundred mows or 10 years of use. So buy a fairly good quality lawn mower. Another good fact to know is if you use a non-commercial lawn mower commercially it makes the warranty invalid because of the extra wear on the mower.

Next, think about how many lawns you want and what you want to charge. I have ten lawns and charge between 20-25 dollars a lawn, depending on the size and difficulty. Most people that don't want to mow their lawn are happy to pay that price because professionals can cost up to $60 per mow on an average lawn. I takes me about a half an hour to mow a lawn. So, I mow three lawns a day except one day I mow four. Test how long it takes you to mow a lawn. If it's any more than an hour don't take on as many lawns or maybe you will want to hire help.

Most of my costumers are un-married woman or woman with lazy husbands. I didn't particularly target that audience, I put up flyer's when I first started, but now I know that they're probably the people you want to work for. There are many ways that you can attract business. You can use flyer's, the paper, or word of mouth (it means let people spread the news).
I often have to turn down offers to mow unless the lawns are small-ish and really flat with no trees or bushes in the yard, these are the best lawns.

The last thing is get a leaf blower and a whipper snipper. The costumers like it when their lawn looks clean an trimmed. Which reminds me practice at making straight lines with your mower they don't have to be baseball field quality but they have to look straight. Also, try not o get behind on your mows, nothing makes it look worse than when it's cut after being almost a foot tall. This is just how I make my extra money, I am certainly not an expert but I thought I would let you know my tips. You will get back any money you put into it. You should also look up lawn mowing tips, because this is not really a lawn mowing guide. Thanks for reading, I know this was off topic but who cares.

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