I half amazed and half disappointed in my self when I found out today that I could just sit around or in front out the computer and not get anything accomplished that I set out to do. I did however manage to do a few tweaks to my blog.

I'm also trying to figure out how to position a camera over a sheet of paper that I'd be drawing on. If anyone has any ideas on how to do that it would be greatly appreciated.

This is my newest character that I've drawn I plan to digitize him soon enough. Parts of him are drawn over with pen only because they weren't showing up on camera. He's a real class act though isn't he, patches and holes in/on his clothes, even a big toe sticking out of his shoe. Plus the poor fella hasn't shaved in days. I shot this with my camera so he looks a little distorted.

If anyone is reading this at all please comment, any recognition would be nice. I'm going to have to get my blog around some more places.

6:21 PM

I haven't posted anything in a long time. Which is really my fault, but it started with my family reunion then I went on a trip, so just a few days ago realized why sit in front of the computer and looking at Youtube videos when I could be blogging. I been looking at ways to make some money online, now I tried some online videos but those didn't do any good so I'm going to have to put up some advertising and maybe a donation box.

Oh, I do have a theme that I created but I can't get it to work with blogger. Well I shouldn't say can't because I didn't put my best effort into it. It's a shame though I worked hard on creating that theme/layout. I might try to get the layout to work, again, or I might just make a new one.

Anyway I'm back and I'll try to post something at minimum every couple days. I would of said a "few" days but I found out recently that "few" really means eight.

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