Since it's back to school time I've decided to make a back to school icon pack which will consist of; a milk carton, a lunch tray, a laptop, a desktop computer, a stack of books, a pair of scissors, a bookbag, a paper lunch bag, a sandwich, a desk, an office chair and a soft drink cup. I have an example for you right here. This icon pack will be available for download within the next two days. All the images will be roughly in the 300 by 300 pixel range.

For those of you who were wondering, my template will be available for download as soon as I figure out how to fix my comment form problem. I'm not goning to put it up for download until I fix that, it's really bugging me.

This is simple the embedded version of the cartoon graduate video. So if you don't like video sites, watch my video here, enjoy. Also I'm still working on fixing my template for IE7 and probably 6, it displays fine in firefox, except for the fact that there is a scroll bar underneath the comment box, but I think that happens in alot of templates. So if you have a lot of viewers/readers that use firefox, I'll have my template up tomorrow. In the mean time I'll be working on the problems in IE.

Alright this will be a short post I guess. The video of me drawing the cartoon graduate is on metacafe right now but it's still being processed, so you can watch probably an hour or so from now, I'll embed the video in a post tomorrow. I'm also uploading it to revver as I right this so I'm going to post the metacafe link and the revver link when it's done. So enjoy my cartoon drawing video.


Well, seeing as today is the first day a school (in Canada anyway) I thought this little guy would be quite approriate. I made a video of how to draw him in flash which I will post tomorrow. Tgis is the exact same version of the character that I mad in the video. Any comments on this character, you know where to voice them. You know, after looking at this character for a while realised that he's kind of crooked, don't you think.

I know I said I would have my blog template ready for download today, but there is still a problem with the embedded comment form. You can see it any of the posts that have comments, the text box get's pushed up to the right and just looks bad, I can't give you a template like that, also if anyone knows how to fix this problem please put it in the comments or email me. I'm not so sure how long it's going to take for me to fix this comment form problem. So it wouldn't hurt to check back regularly or subscribe.

This is something that I've been working on for about a week. I know I've said that I've been working on it before (like a month ago) but that was a tragic failure. I just made a farily simple design, one that I change easily. This will be available for download sometime tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the first day of school.

Anyway, I like the fact that I can change this template at moments notice, which is a good thing because it needs to be a little wider, maybe 900 pixels wide. I also didn't use any images except for the on in the header, which won't be in the downloadable version. I'm using the whole easily customizable thing as a selling point, even though it's free, because you finally will be able to a template that looks distinguished.

The download will come with complete instructions on how customize the main parts of the blog, which will mainly be colors, like the background. I'm going to have to come up with a name for this template too, so if you can think of one, post it in the comments and if I like it enough to use it, your version of the template will come with a custom header just for you. So leave your email too, so I can contact you if I choose your template name. Well, that's about it and I have to get to bed, it's a school night.

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