As the title says, these are five unique cartoon characters that I drew last night. I actually drew more but these are the most awsomest best five unique cartoon characters. Anyway I want you guys to pick your favourite character by commenting. If you are on of the people who picked the winning unique character then I'll send you (you meaning, everyone that picked the winning character) a giant desktop sized version of the winning cartoon character. If there are any questions feel free to post it in the comments. The pictures are numdered top to bottom, so the top cartoons character is number 1 and the bottom cartoon is number 5, use these numbers to identify them in your comments Don't Forget To Leave Your Name And Email In The Comment.

Wacky Character

Small Cute Character
Neck Tied Character

Cartoon Guy With Glasses fd=
Cartoon Shaved Guy


I feel kinda stupid now, because I was thinking should these cartoon characters have all the same height or width? Well I went with height thinking "I'll just put them side by side and they'll look fine". Well I was wrong the Blogger editor won't let me place these cartoons side by side. So now I'm thinking I should have lined up the width.

One more bonus for reading this far: If you leave your website or blog URL in your comment I'll visit it and leave a related comment there (you'll know if I left the comment, I hope).

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