Have you ever started to play an RTS game - more specifically Starcraft 2 - at 11pm and thought "okay, I'm going to bed at twelve, just one match." Then once you get into it and the match goes until quarter to twelve, but you lost. However, you can't go to bed on a loss, right? So now you think "Alright, I can win my next match in 15 minutes, then I'll go to bed." So you start the match and it goes until 1:30 am, you have no idea how it was almost a two hour match and then the next day you pay for not getting enough sleep.

My theory is that there is always an objective to meet. So in your mind you cam just say alright I just have to do this, this and this. After those are done there's even more things to do and quiting out of a match is never an option.

The meeting of the objectives is really the issue. You can always make an excuse for five more minutes in their mind but it's really hard to do that for a half an hour.


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